We are an independent asset manager focused on investments which generate superior risk-adjusted returns.


Liquid investments: We structure and manage different investment vehicles including but not limited to closed-end and open-end funds across multiple asset classes and investment strategies.

Private Equity: Co-investments in private companies across industries and geographies with a top-tier management team alongside private-equity firms or family offices which have “skin in the game”. Our objective is to generate significant returns by realizing the investment after a ~5 year holding period.


Team: Our partnership has been intact since 1992 with the founding partners still active day-to-day. Our investment team has navigated through multiple economic and market cycles, having previously worked in major financial institutions, investment funds and operating companies.

Alignment of Interests: Arbitral's partners invest a significant portion of their wealth alongside clients.

Focus: We strive to find investments which offer asymmetric risk/return opportunities.

Network: A global and vast network which helps refresh our knowledge and generates differentiated investment opportunities.